March 13, 2019

I have been trying to get this blog up and running for a while now and I finally got it to post! Yay! So, here’s the scoop…so much is happening with our fundraising and projects that sometimes it is hard to keep up and get all the info out to our parents and community. I will be working on keeping the blog updated on a weekly (I hope) basis. Our meetings are also a great place to come if needing information 😉 Welcome to our blog!!

To start off, we have a few very important updates to share!

First off, we would like to announce that our first trip raffle was a huge success! And congratulate our winner, Kenzie S! Have a great time on your holiday!

Second, we have been given the green light from our school council, school admin team, and the school division to continue with our choice of playground companies! So, we will be working with Playquest to design and build our 3 phase plan! You can check out some of their projects and products at Thank you to Matthew and his team for all their hard work and help in designing and presenting a great structure for us to build for our kids! Next step, is to continue raising funds. We will be approaching larger corporate donors for help as well as pursuing multiple government and private grants., while still continuing with our current fundraisers held at the school. At our meeting this Thursday night, we will be able to hear from Kim who is a grant writer from Playquest. She will be able to work with us and our own grant writer to maximize our efforts! Check out our first phase pictures on the bulletin board outside the gym next time you are in the school!

Stay tuned here and on our Facebook page for up to date information. Also, remember to invite other parents to join! You can email us anytime at with any questions!